How Online Reputation Affects Your Business Revenue?


These days sellers are available online and buyer like to buy online as compared to offline. In simple words buyers like to buy online from their trusted brands.

According to a survey by marketingland on online shopping, reveals that 62% people buy online when they are approached through digital marketing or online promotion.

online-shopping-and-buyers survey

Coming to the main agenda, buyers are not fools. The buyer is more knowledgeable and informative than the seller. Buyers like to see the reviews of your business and your products before buying it online. They mostly check the reviews by typing “your business name+ review” on Google. Your Google top 10 results is your business card. If you failed to make trust of your business, then you lost a potential buyer within some seconds.


In past 2015, 60% business owner invested in online reputation management. So, If you want to increase your revenue, then make a good online business reputation.

You can consult the expert like him for online business reputation management now.


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